Board CertifiedCriminal Trial Lawyer
Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer


Florida DUI Defense

Florida DUI laws are harsh; the first time you are found guilty of DUI there are mandatory penalties including a temporary loss of driving rights, fines, DUI school attendance, alcohol treatment and probation. Thanks to Florida’s implied consent law, those arrested could face additional penalties if they refuse a breath test at the time of their arrest. Anyone who is facing a driving under the influence charge in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach or Monroe County, needs to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately upon their arrest.

Florida Domestic Violence Defense

Florida courts may issue an injunction against a party who is accused of domestic violence. Anyone who has received these orders will have a permanent criminal record. Those with a domestic violence injunction on their record, could have problems with landlords, finding employment or being involved in youth sports and other events. Although an injunction results in civil proceedings, defendants still need an attorney. A skilled attorney can cross-examine witnesses, find out the truth behind the petition and otherwise fight hard to preserve your good name. Attorney Huda Aljani Macri knows these injunctions are often filed out of spite. A skilled attorney will take the time to listen to the entire story as well as seek out inconsistencies in the reported victim’s statements.

After a Dismissal of Case in Ft. Lauderdale

Defendants are often unaware that even if a case against them is dismissed, they will still have a criminal record. This applies to all crimes including misdemeanors, felony charges and DUI charges. While this may seem unfair, it is the way the system works in Florida.

Once charges are dismissed, an arrest will still be accessible if someone does a criminal record check and could result in future problems. After a case dismissal, a criminal defense attorney can file the necessary forms to have the record expunged or sealed so the information will no longer be publicly available.

Anyone facing criminal charges in Florida including Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach or Monroe County should contact a Criminal Trial Law Board Certified Lawyer at Macri Law Firm at 954-391-7183 immediately.